New AI Scam: A Fake Cop Spoke To Woman, Said Her Daughter Was Arrested

She soon realised that it was a scam and activated call recording

There is a new scam using artificial intelligence to clone voices. X user Kaveri shared her story of an ‘arrest’ hoax that sounded all too real. In a lengthy post on X, the woman said when she recently received a call from an unknown number that she almost didn’t answer, but later decided to pick it up.

Kaveri shared that she received a call from a fake police officer trying to convince her that her daughter was in trouble and made a scheme to extort money. Kaveri said the scammers accurately replicated her daughter’s name and voice, hinting at the use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Sharing her encounter on X, Kaveri recounted,  “I got a call about an hour ago from an unknown number. I unusually do not respond to unknown numbers but I don’t know what made me answer this call. On the other end was a guy who said he was a cop and asked me if I knew where my daughter K is.”

The cop told Kaveri that her daughter was arrested because she, along with three friends, purportedly filmed an MLA’s son in a compromising situation and attempted to blackmail him.

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She soon realised that it was a scam and activated call recording and requested to speak with her daughter. “The man sounded rough and rude throughout the call. To my horror, a recording was played to me “mumma mujhe bacha lo, mumma mujhe bacha lo..” (Mom, save me, save me) The voice sounded exactly like my daughters but that’s not the way she would have spoken,” the mother wrote on X.

Kaveri said the fake cop demanded money in exchange for her daughter and would drop the case altogether. “I asked him to let me speak to my daughter properly. He got all angry and rude. We are taking her away then, he said. Ok, take her away then, I told him. And I laughed. He cut the call,” she concluded.

Kaveri said it was all a scheme using artificial intelligence to replicate her daughter’s voice.

Kaveri’s post soon caught the attention of social media users and numerous users shared similar encounters in the comment section. 

A user shared, “Omg this happened to a friend back in Assam. Got a call late night from a “cop” who asked if he has P’s dad, P who studies here and lives at this address in PG (across the country). And then told him she’s been arrested for possession of drugs.”

“A similar thing happened with my mum. Though my brother lives out of the country, the tone in which the self-proclaimed ASI threatened my mother about his whereabouts, she was really scared. It was a WhatsApp call and the DP had a man wearing a police uniform,” another user wrote.

The third user wrote, “To prevent this kind of scam, some people started using passwords that only their family members would know, the person with AI voice won’t know this, I removed my videos, and audio from the internet for the same reason.”

“Uff this is very scary. I’m assuming they also know when your daughter is not actually with you. How scary is that! They know your number, your name, your daughter’s name, and some possible info about her whereabouts,” the fourth user wrote.

“The most concerning part is your daughter’s recorded voice. Needless to say the scammer used AI tools but getting access to voice samples is something that could give sleepless nights to every parent,” the fifth user commented.