India-China Border Situation Needs To Be Addressed Urgently: PM Modi

New Delhi:

The India-China border situation needs to be addressed urgently to resolve the “abnormality” in the bilateral interactions, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asserting that the two countries share an important relationship.

A stable India-China relations are important for the entire world, PM Modi said in an interview with US’s Newsweek magazine.

“For India, the relationship with China is important and significant. It is my belief that we need to urgently address the prolonged situation on our borders so that the abnormality in our bilateral interactions can be put behind us,” said the Prime Minister.

He also hoped that the neighbours will be able to restore peace at its borders via positive engagement.

“Stable and peaceful relations between India and China are important for not just our two countries but the entire region and world. I hope and believe that through positive and constructive bilateral engagement at the diplomatic and military levels, we will be able to restore and sustain peace and tranquility in our borders,” he said while speaking to the New York-based magazine.