PM’s “Mujra” Attack On INDIA Bloc, Priyanka Gandhi’s “Decorum” Reply

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra hit back at PM Narendra Modi’s remarks at a rally in Bihar

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “mujra” remark at a rally in Bihar today drew a sharp response from Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who said the Prime Minister must maintain the decorum of his post. The remark, made when the Prime Minister was accusing the Opposition of vote bank politics, was panned by other INDIA leaders too.

Mujra is a dance performance widely associated with courtesans.

Addressing a rally in Bihar, the Prime Minister doubled down on his charge that the INDIA bloc plans to rob backward classes of their rights and favour Muslims — an allegation denied by the Congress and its allies.

“Bihar is the land which has given a new direction to the fight for social justice. I wish to declare on its soil that I will foil the plans of the INDIA bloc to rob SCs, STs and OBCs of their rights and divert these to Muslims. They may remain enslaved and perform ‘mujra’ to please their vote bank,” the Prime Minister said.

He also said the people of Bihar have been hurt by remarks against migrants allegedly made by leaders of the Congress in Punjab and Telangana, DMK in Tamil Nadu and Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. In another “mujra jab” targeting the Tejashwi Yadav-led RJD, he said, “These RJD people who keep doing ‘mujra’ with their lantern (poll symbol) do not have the courage to speak a word in protest.”

The Prime Minister went on to say that the Opposition parties will change the Constitution if they are voted to power — a charge earlier levelled by the Congress on the ruling BJP. “If they are voted to power, the first thing they would do is to change the Constitution so that even the court is unable to overrule their attempts to divert reservations to Muslims. I have been challenging them to refute me in writing, but they have been reluctant because they have a guilty conscience,” he said. 

Stressing that the INDIA bloc is headed for a defeat in the ongoing general election, the Prime Minister said, “When the results are out, RJD and Congress workers will be seen tearing off each other’s clothes. The royal family of the Congress will put the entire blame of defeat on Mallikarjun Kharge and leave for holiday abroad,” he said.

Hitting back, Ms Gandhi Vadra said no Prime Minister would have used such language. “What is Modiji saying? Is it not his responsibility to maintain the decorum of his post? We respect the Prime Minister post. His reality can now be seen. Do not show so much reality to the country. He has forgotten that he represents the country. What will the future generations say,” the Congress leader said at a rally with ally and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur.

Targeting the Prime Minister over his allegation that the Congress is planning a wealth redistribution scheme under which women’s mangalsutras will be snatched, Ms Gandhi Vadra said, “On some days, Modiji talks about buffaloes and on other days, he talks about mangalsutra. The problem of stray animals began in their term.”

She also said it is the BJP’s candidates who are going around claiming that the party will change the Constitution if it returns to power.

Criticising the “mujra” remark, Tejashwi Yadav said that with each phase of the election, the Prime Minister’s language is worsening. “He is speaking a language that even his supporters do not like.”

“He had refused permission, but our 17-month government conducted a caste-based survey and provided 75 per cent reservation. I ask Modiji: which BJP-ruled state has 75 per cent reservation?”